Community profiles

Community organisations in Australia play a vital role in peace building, development and human rights promotion in their country of origin.

Diaspora Action Australia works with these Australian-based diasporas from all around the world, including: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Chile, Colombia, Darfur, DRC, Ethiopia, Iraq, Liberia, Palestine, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and West Papua. Communities’ activism includes:

  • human rights promotion
  • awareness raising
  • fundraising
  • project development
  • policy dialogue
  • conflict resolution
  • providing support and remittances for communities back home
  • building the capacity of refugee communities in Australia

Since 2008 Diaspora Action Australia has partnered with a broad range of dynamic and innovative community groups that are raising awareness of war, conflict and human rights in their countries of origin. Use the links below to view profiles on each of our community partners.



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