Our work

[Alia Gabres opens HCH’s Vision In Action event, raising the voices of ordinary people affected by war and conflict]

Diaspora Action Australia (formerly the Humanitarian Crisis Hub) works with Australian diaspora organisations that promote the human rights of people living in war and conflict. We do this by:

  • supporting their initiatives
  • providing resources, information and training
  • facilitating dialogue, mentoring and shared learning
  • building networks
  • amplifying their voices at local, national and international levels

Diaspora Action Australia was proud to receive the Australian Council for International Development's Sir Ron Wilson Human Rights Award in 2011. The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) presents this award to an individual or organisation that has shown an outstanding contribution to advancing human rights in the international development sector. We are greatly encouraged by the award  it acknowledges that there is great potential in Australia to develop a new model for humanitarian and development work that maximises the unique strengths and skills of diaspora organisations. More information on the award is available on the ACFID website.

Our current and past projects are detailed below; scroll down for more information.

Current projects


Women Leading Change


Diaspora Action Australia’s Women Leading Change Forum brings together diaspora leaders from South Sudanese, Sri Lankan, Hazara, Oromo, Ogaden, Bahai and Iranian communities so they can share skills and create connections.




Community Mentoring


The Community Engagement team supports communities that promote peace building, development, and human rights. This achieved through mentoring, tailored workshops and cultivating networks. Mentoring involves one-on-one support to a diaspora organisation in areas of their choice. These partnerships can last several months or several years. 



Diaspora Action Australia's workshop program is designed specifically for refugee and migrant groups involved in the promotion of human rights in war and conflict. These sessions combine theory and practical activities that fully engage all participants.

They enable community organisations to build knowledge, capacity and expertise on human rights promotion and community development.

The workshops are facilitated by people who have specialised knowledge, often through first-hand experience of conflict, and offer real-world advice on how to find practical support and resources in Australia.

Over 90 participants, including refugees, migrants, students and members of the wider community who are committed to human rights promotion, have attended Diaspora Action Australia workshops since they commenced in 2009. The participants came from more than 20 organisations representing communities from Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Diaspora Action Australia is committed to making the workshops as accessible as possible, by offering them on weekends and evenings, free of charge.

In 2014 a new workshop program will be offered. For information on the workshops and dates, see the Training page.