Work with us

Diaspora Action Australia’s team is committed to peace, development, and the protection of people’s human rights. We are looking for skilled volunteers who are passionate about our work to support diaspora community organisations. We offer a supportive work environment for people of all backgrounds. 

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"During my experience I have learnt how to engage with the community and about project design... 
Diaspora Action Australia is unique in its approach and provides a workplace where all volunteers are able to share experiences and develop their professional skills."


Zawadi Nguma, Volunteer



DAA is a proud member of Volunteering Victoria. They represent, support and advocate on behalf of the Victorian volunteering community. 

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Why we need you

Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. Committed, passionate volunteers keep our organisation alive and ensure continuous evolution in how we function. Each volunteer has the chance to make a difference and contribute to our vision of an Australia where diaspora communities from countries in war and conflict have a strong voice and the power to promote change and improve peace, development and human rights in their country of origin.


What volunteers do

We aim to make sure that volunteering with Diaspora Action Australia is enriching and productive. Our volunteers work in four teams: Resource Mobilisation (fundraising events and grant writing), Community Engagement (capacity building of diaspora organisations), Communications (website, social media and more), and Administration/IT (ensuring smooth operation of office functions).

We are always looking for skilled and passionate people; scroll down for our current volunteer vacancies, or register your interest in future volunteer opportunities by contacting us. People with international development or community development experience, activist backgrounds and refugees and migrants from countries experiencing conflict/humanitarian crises are especially encouraged to apply. 


Working with Diaspora Action Australia


Occasionally we are able to offer paid positions at Diaspora Action Australia. Any paid positions will be clearly marked below.


Position Title: Grant Writer (Volunteer)

Team: Resource Mobilisation

Location: Level 4, Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 

Read the full Position Description here