Current events

Thursday, 8 May, 2014
Nominated for an Academy Award in 2014, The Square follows a small band of Egyptian activists united against their corrupt government. Assembled from footage filmed in and alongside the Egyptian Revolution and expertly edited into a stunning... Read More
Saturday, 10 May, 2014
When an Australian tourist on holiday in Bosnia-Herzegovina visits the seemingly idyllic town of Visegrad, she stumbles upon a hidden legacy of war crimes. Unable to accept the silence surrounding a massacre that took place during the Bosnian war,... Read More
Wednesday, 14 May, 2014
Take a voyage into the hearts and minds of some of French cinema's most celebrated filmmakers. Together with The Melbourne Cinematheque, HRAFF is proud to present two groundbreaking films reflecting on experience of war and how it is remembered on... Read More
Sunday, 18 May, 2014
Resistance and protest against global injustices are not always synonymous with violence, despite what we are often shown in the media. Citizens across the world are rising up in creative solidarity. From the Occupy movement to the Spanish ‘... Read More
Saturday, 5 July, 2014
Amnesty International 2014 National Human Rights Event, featuring workshops, presentations, talks, panel discussions and activities, this event will bring together activists, supporters, community organisations and members of the community for a... Read More
Sunday, 1 February, 2015
A group of Melbourne refugee activists are planning on walking from Melbourne all the way to ASIO and then to Parliament in Canberra in February 2015. The aim of the walk is to raise awareness of the indefinite detention of refugees with adverse... Read More