Help migrant and refugee communities fight against human rights violations in their countries of origin by becoming a donor today.

How will the donations be used?

All donations to Diaspora Action Australia (formerly Humanitarian Crisis Hub) will be used to fund our work with community groups from countries affected by war and conflict:

Providing resources, information and training; facilitating dialogue and shared learning; building networks between diaspora organisations; capacity building; advocacy and amplification of community voices at local, national and international levels. At Diaspora Action Australia we coordinate workshops designed specifically for refugee and migrant groups involved in the promotion of human rights in war and conflict.

A regular contribution will make an extraordinary difference to a small organisation like us, and help us plan our programs better, knowing we can count on your support into the future. Support us now!

An amount of $20 a month might not sound life-changing but it will have a huge impact on our work: by the end of one year you could have supported a volunteer help a diaspora partner build a website, write letters to an MP, plan a human rights campaign, or organise an event.

Women Leading Change is an example of the positive effect donations have on what we do. Diaspora Action Australia’s Women Leading Change network brings diaspora leaders from South Sudanese, Sri Lankan, Hazara, Oromo, Ogaden, and Iranian communities together to share skills and create connections.

Donations will allow Diaspora Action Australia to keep supporting diaspora organisations that promote the human rights of those affected by war and conflict while promoting peace and development.

Are donations tax deductible? No

Will I receive a receipt for my donation? Yes, it will be sent to you by email.

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