Stories of Survival

How would you protect yourself, your family and community form violence in war and conflict?

Stories of Survival (SOS) is a storytelling project that shares the personal experiences of how ordinary people protect themselves and others during armed conflict.  The project  aims to build dialogue and cross-cultural understanding among communities, humanitarian agencies, and the public about protecting human rights, nonviolent approaches to confronting violence and building peace in armed conflict zones. In Australia the SOS project builds the skills of story tellers in areas such as communications, public speaking and film production...Read More

Get involved 

We invite you to share your own experiences of war and conflict, whether you are a survivor, still living in insecurity, or are actively intervening in war and conflict situations. Use our submit story form to send through your own Story of Survival.  Stories can take many forms including pictures, movies, audio clips, or written works.  Ideally, movie and audio clips should be no more than 5 minutes while written pieces should be limited to 3 pages.  

Marisol: The Mapuche
Country of origin: Chile
Anonymous: The day that changed our lives

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Anonymous: Breaking a promise of Silence
Country of origin: Oromia, Ethiopia

Country of origin: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Country of Origin South Sudan
Said: The power of peace

Country of origin: Afghanistan

Marama: Tomorrow can be different

Country of origin: Oromia, Ethiopia.

Future of Rap: Lucky

Country of origin: South Sudan.


Country of origin: Oromia, Ethiopia.

Monica: To feel yourself a human being

Country of origin: South Sudan.